RMACAC is turning 50 and its time to celebrate! 


We are looking forward to seeing you all in San Antonio in April.

However,  it wouldn’t be a RMACAC meeting without some awards, so this year, we are not only going to recognize people for the Rising Star, High Five and Roger H. Campbell awards, we are looking for nominations for the following awards:


  • Care Bear Award – This is a person with the biggest heart of gold and would literally give you the shirt off their back in a blizzard.
  • Best Hash Tag Award– This person can come up with the perfect tag line or hash tag for any situation.
  • You Rock RMACAC Award – This award is for a person who goes above and beyond for RMACAC.  They live, sleep and breath all things Rocky Mountain!
  • Outstanding Philanthropist Award– This award is for someone who’s passion for helping students achieve their dreams doesn’t stop when the day ends.
  • Bubbles Award–This award goes to the person with the most bubbly and enthusiastic personality.


Nominations for the 50th Birthday Bash Awards are due on Friday, March 24th.

Click Here to Nominate


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