Executive Board Nominations

RMACAC offers members the opportunity to
nominate candidates for Board positions.
Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations
will open each spring.

Nominations for Election to Open Board Positions

Many committee chairs will be finishing their RMACAC service in April. The Governance and Nominating Committee is searching for interested people to fill these vacancies. This an opportunity to help shape the future of our organization while carrying on RMACACs vision. Board service has been an incredible experience for me both professionally and personally and I encourage you to think about applying.

If you or someone you know is interested in getting further involved in RMACAC leadership, please consider the following open Board positions.

The Board Nomination Form is Live

Deadline |  February 15th

Board Positions and Candidates

College Fair

College Fair Chair will manage the registration and organization of the fairs. The chair is expected to travel and be in attendance to oversee the day of the event.

Communication Chair

Communications Chair is responsible for leading marketing and communication efforts for the RMACAC board. Their main duties include the production of the newsletter and creating marketing materials for conferences and other events.

Government Relations Chair

Government Relations Chair shall ensure RMACAC’s representation and involvement with other allied professional associations in coordinating legislative events such as ‘Day at the Capital.’ This chair will also act as a liaison with state and regional education offices.

Membership Chair

Membership Chair is responsible for the coordination of member registration. This chair shall also strive to create and implement new ways to grow the affiliates membership.

RMACAC Delegate

RMACAC Delegate Position represents the RMACAC region at the NACAC annual assembly and serves as a member of the RMACAC Executive Board. There are two delegate positions open this year.

To see a list of current Board Members, please click HERE.


If you have any questions about this process or involvement with RMACAC, please contact me. I’d be happy to connect with you. Thank you for considering these opportunities to be a part of the RMACAC leadership!

Adrienne Loveland, Immediate Past-President & Chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee

Governance and Nominating Committee:
Ryan Burton-Romero / RMACAC President / University of Arizona
Craig Wittgrove / RMACAC President-Elect / Cherry Creek High School
Michelle Rasich / RMACAC Past-President / Rowland Hall
Ralph Figueroa / RMACAC Past-President / Albuquerque Academy
Carlos Jimenez / RMACAC Past-President / Colorado College
John O’Connor / RMACAC Past-President / Natrona County Schools

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